Metal Locking Service Inc. specializes in emergency Cast Iron Repair.
If your job requires:

  • Metal Stitching
  • Teardowns/Shutdowns
  • Fabrication
  • Rebuilding (Turn-key)

...we cover all the bases.


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Metal Locking Service Inc. specializes in emergency cast iron repair. Founded in 1942, we are proud to be the oldest and the largest cast iron repair company in the world! We utilize a precise, mechanical method for making permanent cast iron repair without the use of welding, brazing or applied heat of any kind. Our cast iron repair technique is also known as metal locking, metal stitching, metalock, metalace, metal lock, cast iron stitching and cast iron crack repair.

We offer on-site repair and in-situ cast iron repair services around the world!  We are available 24/7 via our Toll-Free number: 866-FIX-IRON. We have received endorsements from several equipment manufacturers, insurance underwriters and inspection service companies. Metal Locking Service is proud to be based in Buffalo, New York (USA)!