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Metal Locking Service has a unique and rich history. Following is an explanation of the "metal locking" technique including development of the process, the formation of metal locking companies, the spread and growth of the applications and how Metal Locking Service fits into it all.

The process of metal locking began in the late 1930's as an option for repairing cast iron components and equipment on the Texas oil fields. The process was developed to provide a permanent, stress-free repair and utilized when the use of heat or open flame was limited. Three men have been credited with the development of this new metal locking technique~ L.B. Scott, Fred Lewis and Earl Reynolds. For a step-by-step pictorial and explanation of the repair process, visit our Services site.

In 1937 L.B. Scott was officially credited with the invention and given patent rights to the repair technique and materials used. L.B. used his patents to secure the repair process and began to offer franchises under the Metalock Corporation trade name after starting his own operation in Long Island City, NY. Shortly thereafter, Thomas O. Oliver Ltd. (based in Ontario, Canada) was the first company to purchase a franchise. Assisted by Project Managers George Jackman Sr. and Bill Scott, the metal lock process was successfully marketed in southern Ontario.

Fred Lewis (a partner in the development process) purchased a franchise and began operation in Chicago, IL in 1942. The same year, George Jackman Sr. left T.O. Oliver Ltd. and formed Metal Locking Service, Inc.

Two years later, Earl Reynolds (second partner in development process) started an operation in Tulsa, OK. Herculock Limited was formed by Thomas Oliver also in 1944 and two years later was joined by Bill Scott.

Metal Locking Service was incorporated in Buffalo, NY in 1946 as the process expanded south into the United States.  George Jackman Sr. while at Metal Locking Service was credited with the invention and development of the "masterlock" technique. Masterlock is the use of a large inlay of high-tensile steel, pinned in place that could be used when the lock and lace technique was insufficient. L.B. and George quickly formed a strong friendship as they merged the two techniques. L.B. expressed concern that Metal Locking Service was pushing the metal locking technique too far and George assured him that his masterlock invention was indeed working and proved so during a trip to Bethlehem Steel. Shortly after viewing a 12' long masterlock in use, L.B. appointed George as Vice-President of the Metalock Corporation.

During the time that L.B. held the patent and franchise rights to Metalock, franchise startups were paying 10% royalties on all sales. L.B. inadvertently allowed his patents to expire in 1953 and each franchise was free to develop and market as a stand-alone. In 1953, the Metalock International Association was started in London, England by Edward Peckam. There are approximately 70 member companies worldwide today. Metal Locking Service Inc. generated and holds many of the original engineering tests and documents that the Metalock International Association has published in past trade journals.

The following list documents the location and founding of the original startup companies.




Metalock Corporation (closed)

Long Island City, NY


Thomas O. Oliver Limited (closed)

Niagara Falls, Ontario


Metal Locking Service 

Buffalo, NY


Metalock Chicago (closed)  

Chicago, IL    


Reynolds French  

Tulsa, OK


Herculock Limited 

Niagara Falls, Ontario  


Metalock Int. Association 

London, England   



The Metalock Corporation in New York, Thomas O. Oliver Limited and the Metalock Chicago company have since closed.

Metal Locking Service is proud to be the oldest surviving metal locking company in the world. 

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