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Metal Locking Service provides a full compliment of welding and fabrication services. Our material capabilities include: steel, aluminum, stainless and exotics. We have portable backpack units available when time is short or accessibility is tight. We also braze and spray weld.

Fabrications include: jigs, fixtures, prototypes, and large and small weldments. 

We offer NDT inspections as well: dye-penetrant & magnetic-particle.

Our portable heat-treating (resistance) and stress relieving equipment is available for on-site work.  We also utilize our ultra-sonic (no heat) stress relieving equipment when post weld repair heat-treating is not an option due to location or temperature limitations.


Tin-based babbitt pouring and machining continues to be a specialty of MLS.  We continue to use many of the traditional tools developed for working with this bearing material.