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Machining, at Metal Locking Service, could best be described as a primary support for our in-house cast iron repair work.

For a complete understanding of our machining capabilities, please view our Facilities & Equipment pages.   

Our in-house machining capabilities are vast with respect to scope and physical size. From our large capacity horizontal boring mills and vertical lathes to our precision grinding and turning equipment, no job is too large or too complicated.

Most of our machines utilize 3-axis digital readouts and are manually operated. A few machines are CNC operated such as our waterjet and plasma table, as well as one of our large Horizontal Boring Mills. New machinists participate in a company-sponsored apprenticeship and all become ideally suited for our "job shop" environment. 

In addition to supplementing our cast iron repairs, we have specific experience in "machining-only" jobs such as:

  • Raw Castings
  • Crankshafts
  • Ram Cylinders
  • Mixer Paddles
  • Shafting & Sleeving
  • Large Gearing
  • Gearcases
  • Large & Small Weldments
  • Specialty & Replacement Parts

We work with all materials. From Cast Steel engine frames to Bronze bearings to Stainless Steel weldments, all are equally well suited for our shop.

For a complete listing of our in-house machining equipment, please take a moment to view our Facilities & Equipment page.