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The before and after pictures detailed on this page, showcase Metal Locking Service's broad range of capabilities and services. If your job requires Metal Locking, machining, fabrication, rebuilding or replacement, we cover all the bases.

Metal Locking Service is a one-stop shop for equipment repair.



Extreme operating conditions along with significant erosion caused the shaft on this cast iron impeller to snap. The broken shaft was removed and a replacement was press fit in place.



These two connecting rods came to us in an emergency situation. OEM parts were available but at a 10-14 week lead-time. Our customer (Automotive Components Supplier) was back in production less than 3 days later.



This is an example of a typical engine block repair. This D-9 Caterpillar Bulldozer engine threw a connecting rod through the side of the block. We fabricated a replacement piece, metal locked, and painted. Very cost-effective. 



Metal Locking Service performs many repairs to various types of equipment for the aggregate industry. This example is a cracked shock mount from a Terex earthmoving dump truck. Crusher and swing jaw repairs are also a specialty. 





Although we braze, weld, or replace gear teeth sections, wear of this magnitude requires a full replacement. No problem for us though: big or small, we tackle any application.



A large portion of our business centers on gearbox and compressor repair. We sleeve bores that have been; worn, galled, cracked due to heat build-up, machined improperly, or exposed to shaft and/or bearing failure.