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Latest Projects

This page highlights our current and latest projects.  Pictures, location and a brief description of the work performed detail each project. 



This 6,000 ton forging press required a new main gear due to shaft wear. MLS turned the crank in-situ and bored and keyed a new gear to match. 



MLS worked through near 100% humidity and 90 degree temperatures to complete this in-situ metal locking repair on a large split body compressor for a chemical manufacturer located in Georgia. 



Safety concerns prompted this customer's call to MLS for the transfer of tapered o-ring grooves from the bottom of two compressor bodies to the mating skid mounting plates on two test fixtures. The project was completed in-situ with our large portable milling machine.



Another stuck pole on the Susquehanna. Our all electric diamond wire machine is the perfect tool to use when environmental concerns are present. Two days on-site for equipment and crew was peanuts versus shipping the rotor out.


 When a 40 ton billet was dropped on the bed of this lathe, MLS was called to start around the clock repairs immediately. The damaged portion of the bed was removed in the field while a replacement piece was being fabricated simultaneously in the shop. The piece was hand fit in-situ, secured using our metal locking technique and finished to OEM with our portable mill.



When this previously repaired 9,000 ton forge cracked again, MLS was called to provide a permanent repair. We pre-machined, metal locked and line bored to complete the frame. Lastly, new bronze bearings were turned to match the frame bore. 



To get this dredge and the accompanying barges and tugs ready for service, MLS made various repairs and new parts on-site and in-house to get these guys back to sea. Parts repaired included pumps, winches, motor shafts. 



Our customer was looking to upgrade their film rolls with high-speed bearings. We machined all pockets in-situ and provided replaceable bearing pockets, 8 pockets per frame and a total of 5 frames. Our single axis mills were the perfect fit for this space-constrained job. 



MLS recently made its first trip to New Zealand! We were contracted to repair a damaged mounting foot for a local rail company in the capital city of Wellington. 


 MLS crews were on-site in Pennsylvania for 4 weeks to repair 20 plus linear feet of crack on a large Waldrich mill saddle that was damaged when the work piece was dropped during loading of the machine. 



37,000 Lb bridge bearings? 2" holes through 20" steel? 550 holes? MLS answered all questions for this job at the World Trade Center Memorial Site. 



Spun bearings, melted seals and oil spewing everywhere prompted our customer to give us a call. MLS sleeved and machined the bearing seats and assembled all components on this 450 ton press flywheel.