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November 18, 2002

Dear Joe,

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the fine job Metal Locking Service has done for us over the past years.   The most recent repair is that of our  bearing housings and base.  The unit was returned to us within the time period you had quoted us, allowing us to complete repairs on our milling unit with minimal downtime.  We saved time and money staying with the original bearing unit, not having to retrofit the remaining equipment.  I can remember one job in particular where a large crosspiece support from one of our grinding mills was refurbished at a cost 67% less than that of a new part.  The lead-time for a new crosspiece was 10-12 weeks. Metal locking repaired the unit in 1/3rd , the time it would have taken to receive a new part.

When breakdowns occur on our large crushing and grinding units.  Metal Locking Service immediately comes to mind for repairs.  We are confident that Metal Locking Service will help us find a reliable, cost effective solution.


John R. Hess
Maintenance Manager